Shandong Guangtai Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale production base specializing in the manufacture of rollers.It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research、development and manufacture.It has passed the national CNS-ISO9001 and the ANAB-ISO19001 quality management system certification and intellectual property management system certification.
The company has a professional R&D team which has developed a special stainless steel composite roller production line and various rollers.It has more than 70 intellectual property rights and has become  "Roller R&D center" in textile machinery industry.
The company insists on creating market with quality and creating value with professional.It has created the brand image of professional roller in the world,solved the core problem of rollers in various industries through technology research and development,and promoted the development of equipment to high speed and wide width in various industries..
The company adhering to the "integrity,pragmatic"spriit of enterprise,adhere to the "innovation,cooperation"business philosophy, a perfect roller production management system and advanced production technology, apply composite stainless steel roller to the laundry and finishing equipments.It is also widely used in textile machinery industry,plastic machine industry,digital printing and other industries to promote and lead the development of the roller industry,and become the world's leading supplier of roller equipment.

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